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Whale Heart 2022

Drama | Fantasy

'A young man desperately searches for something he lost as a child'

My roles: Writer | Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Editor | VFX & Animation

*Jury 2nd Prize Scottish Short Film Festival

*Private House Stays Most Creative / Original Award

*Best Student Director Bristol Film Festival

*Best Student Film Mansfield Town Film Festival
*Best Original Score Mansfield Town Film Festival

*Best Student Film Feel The Reel Festival

*Best Silent Film Golden Horse International Film Festival

*Best VFX Award Europe Film Festival

*Award Winner Oniros Film Awards New York
*Finalist Carmarthen Bay Film Festival

*Audience Award The Monthly Film Festival

*Nominee Best Film The Monthly Film Festival
*Nominated Best Film
Mansfield Town Film Festival
*Finalist Best Student Film Couch Film Festival

*Nominee Best Director HBFF

*Nominee Best Scottish Film HBFF

*Semi Finalist Canada Shorts Film Festival

*Quarter Finalist Paradox International Short Film Festival

*Official Selection Short to the Point
*Official Selection Edi
nburgh Shorts Showcase
*Official Selection SI-FAN 

*Official Selection Northampton Film Festival

*Official Selection Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest

*Long List Selection National Youth Film Awards

*Official Selection IndieFlicks Monthly Film Festival
*Official Selection Harrowgate Film Festival

*Official Selection St Andrews Film Festival


Living With Musicians 2019

Comedy | Mockumentary

A young man has a rare disorder which causes him to experience life like a musical... sort of

My roles: Writer | Director | Producer | Editor | Lead Actor

* Finalist Best Director Portland Comedy Film Festival

* Finalist Best Music Scottish Short Film Festival  

* Award for Best Comedy UK Monthly Film Festival 

* Award of Highest Commendation UK Seasonal Film Festival 

* Semi Finalist Best Director Couch Film Festival, Canada 

* Award of Commendation Canada Shorts Festival 

* Honorable Commendation Berlin Flash Film Festival 

* Official Selection Lift Off Film Festival London

* Official Selection Film Only Film Festival

* Official Selection HB Film Festival



Experimental Master's Project | Combining Live Action & CGI

My role: Director | Cinematographer | VFX | Animation

*Merit Award

Beyond The Tree 2019

Drama | Poetry

My role: Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Editor

* The John Byrne Award Top 30


Innis & Gunn: Under The Arches 2019

Commercial | Promotional

My role: DP | Editor

Innis & Gunn: Peak Pints 2019

Commercial | Promotional

My role: DP | Editor

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